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Aug 09

Remote Area Medical

I think that everyone should have their own opinions about a universal type of healthcare, but watching this video I realize a couple of things. These people don’t have healthcare. That’s a fact. Another thing that looks pretty clear is that these are  people  are not homeless and if they are not homeless why should they have the need to use services intended for people in need like homeless families are? Sixty (60) percent of Remote Are Medical work is now done within the US and most recently urban areas. It’s so nice to see doctors like the dentist that appears on the video  being part of something like RAM.

Jul 09

Enthusiasm and Excitement?

Can someone tell me which part of this video makes sense?. Did he say “We are not just gonna give people an AK47 gun… felons buy cars too… what we are gonna do is we are gonna give them a boucher so they can go to their local gun dealer where they can go buy a gun and go to the proper background check so the guns end up in the right hands”? I like the drawing in the back too.

Dec 08

Mauricio Kagel MM51/Nosferatu

Mauricio Kagel remains a great influence in 20th century music. I had the opportunity to meet him in the 90s and witness MM51 in Los Angeles along with the rest of the concert. Unfortunately Mauricio Kagel died in September 2008 at the age of 76.

Dec 08

The guys at over in Buenos Aires keep us on our toes on what’s happening in the internet world and… some extra info.

Mar 08

Thom Yorke

Great video of the song ‘videotape’ by Thom Yorke. From the album ‘in rainbows’