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Jan 12

NYC December 2011 II




Jan 12

NYC December 2011

New York City photos from December-January. The weather was better than expected which made it easier to carry a camera out.

Bleecker St.

NYC 2011

People post wishes for 2012 on the Time Square Wishing Wall


NYC 2011

Meatpacking District.

NYC 2011


NYC 2011

The Standard Ice Rink!


Feb 11

2011 Golden Dragon Parade

On Saturday Chinatown hosted the 112th Golden Dragon Parade to celebrate the chinese new year. It’s the first time I get the chance to photograph the great colored costumes that take part of the parade. The parade is a tradition in Los Angeles and it’s a great opportunity to do fun photos. Here are just a few photos. For more visit the Flickr set

Great costumes and colorful make up.

The little dragon waiting for the parade

Feb 11

Winter in SoCal

Living in Southern California one never fully realizes the benefits it may have. I used to always complain that it never rains in Los Angeles (I still do) or that it is too hot in the summer and we never get a break, but seeing photos of snow covered cars in the east coast makes me reflect and I can’t help but admit that having a weather this good in January/February is a bliss. These photos were taken in the last couple of  months.

The main activity around the beach area is always on wheels.

Venice Boardwalk

January at sunset

Surf buddies at Huntington Beach

Apr 10

Wilshire Boulevard

Take a walk around Wilshire Boulevard on a Sunday afternoon and it would seem as if you just took a blast to the past. Art Decó buildings surround the area and diners that were left intact as the day they opened. Enter Callahan’s Diner on Wilshire Blvd and 12th and you are in 1930’s again. The diner gives out a particular ambiance seen in many Noir movies and even the waitress might reminds you of some classic diner scene; perhaps one filmed there. Nothing much changed at Callahan’s; they still use the original register and vinyl booths.

Jan 09

The Big Picture

The Boston Globe’s gallery The Big Picture posts powerful images from Gaza.