I bet a lot of people thought this wasn’t┬ápossible at that time. Everytime a new device comes out I tend to try to remember how it used to be when I was a kid. What did my parents talk about if they talked about technology or new devices?. I guess that is a price we have to pay today; let’s face it, even if we are not too interested we are at least aware of personal technology because it just intrigues us to know whether it will eventually affect our lives or not. Watch this video and nothing about it will seem new to anyone under 60 but more than one will think that just like in 1981 a full version of electronic journalism in our lives is yet to be adopted even thought the technology is available. I for one believe in printed media done right and I think today is a key moment for a lot of good projects to come out from photographers, writers or anyone with a good idea and creativity who would have been turned down by publishers just because they didn’t know who they were. We have the tools from the creation to the end product and print-on-demand services that can make it accessible to get their product out to the world. There will be a day when newspapers will reach us in a different form as our only option; I just hope we still get to have the choice on how to consume the rest of the content.

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