Mar 13

Clandestine Childhood At The Egyptian Theater

Clandestine Childhood (2011) or Infancia Clandestina (2011) played at The Egyptian Theater on November 2012. The movie was part of the Argentina New Cinema festival which included many interesting titles like Chinese Take-Out (2011) and White Elephant (2011) to name a few. After the movie, the film director Benjamin Avila along with producer Luis Puenzo The Official Story (1985) talked about the dark period of dictatorship in Argentina between 1976 and 1983 and answered questions about the making of film and connections and similarities between the two movies.

The movie tells the story of a preteen boy living and growing up in clandestinity and contrasts happy days of youth with the dangers of an era.

Oct 12

Endeavour Through Streets of LA

It was a great experience to see the Shuttle Endeavour parade through the streets of Los Angeles. A somewhat surreal experience; to see a spaceship in between houses and fast food places is a view that will most likely not be repeated.

Jan 12

Evening in Venice, CA

Evenings in Venice Beach are nice, but Sunday evenings have a different rhythm. Every Sunday at sunset drummers from all walks of life form the Drum Circle. It would have been nice if the Police allowed it a bit longer.

Jan 12

NYC December 2011 II




Jan 12

NYC December 2011

New York City photos from December-January. The weather was better than expected which made it easier to carry a camera out.

Bleecker St.

NYC 2011

People post wishes for 2012 on the Time Square Wishing Wall


NYC 2011

Meatpacking District.

NYC 2011


NYC 2011

The Standard Ice Rink!


Mar 11

Michael Mann

I had the wonderful pleasure of being at the 25th anniversary screening of MANHUNTER (1986) at the Egyptian Theater (@SidGrauman) in Hollywood. The print was a 35mm that seemed as current as the year it was first shown. Director Michael Mann, and family, were present throughout the event and after the presentation the director answered questions about the movie and other works. I have been a big admirer of Michael Mann’s career, especially when  he takes part as the writer and director; with works like Heat (1995), The Insider (1999), The Last of the Mohicans (1992) and going back to the Crime Story and Miami Vice days, I believe Michael Mann is somewhere at the top of a short list of best directors today.

Watching Manhunter at the fantastic Egyptian Theater was a refreshing example that a good story, good photography and adaptation are only some of the ingredients that, along with great direction, turn a movie into  a  great experience and Michael Mann did it wonderfully. This video is part 1 of the full 49 minute Q&A session; part 2 is coming up shortly.

Feb 11

2011 Golden Dragon Parade

On Saturday Chinatown hosted the 112th Golden Dragon Parade to celebrate the chinese new year. It’s the first time I get the chance to photograph the great colored costumes that take part of the parade. The parade is a tradition in Los Angeles and it’s a great opportunity to do fun photos. Here are just a few photos. For more visit the Flickr set

Great costumes and colorful make up.

The little dragon waiting for the parade

Feb 11

Winter in SoCal

Living in Southern California one never fully realizes the benefits it may have. I used to always complain that it never rains in Los Angeles (I still do) or that it is too hot in the summer and we never get a break, but seeing photos of snow covered cars in the east coast makes me reflect and I can’t help but admit that having a weather this good in January/February is a bliss. These photos were taken in the last couple of  months.

The main activity around the beach area is always on wheels.

Venice Boardwalk

January at sunset

Surf buddies at Huntington Beach

Oct 10


Friends and family. People usually separate those in two words although some of the friends we make throughout our lives are family. Life goes on even though you are not with them or if you don’t see them all the time but nothing changes when you see them again. Thanks for all the dinner invitations and to anyone who adjusted their schedules, stayed up later on a weekday or squeezed some time between work hours. Rosario is looking great. The only down side of going home is that you never get to see everybody you know… Next time.

Sep 10

Destination: Seal Beach, CA

The trip I take to Seal Beach is about 29 miles each way and goes along the river bed. It’s a non-stop bikes only path that is in good condition and gets a lot of avid bikers on Saturdays. The scenery is not all that great but for anyone looking for a continuous bike ride of 2.5 to 3 hours each trip is a good choice. For more info here’s a wiki entry